Delivering Nourishment and Care for Your Animals

At Cold Copper Commodities Co, we understand the vital role that proper nutrition plays in the well-being of your animals. Our Feed Page offers a comprehensive range of high-quality feed options to cater to a variety of livestock and pets. With a commitment to excellence, we bring you a selection that ensures optimal nourishment and vitality for your cherished companions.

Feed & Supplies


Our carefully curated cattle feed selection provides the essential nutrients and energy required for robust growth and health. Whether you’re raising cattle for meat or dairy, we have the right feed to support their unique needs.

We carry all your show cattle feeds, supplements, orphan calf supplies, wormers, tags, shampoos, feed troughs and so much more!


Our buyers have taken much time to research and meet with nutritional specialist to assure we carry the products your horse needs from beginning to performance to retirement.


Our swine feed range is formulated to enhance the growth and vitality of your pigs. With a focus on balanced nutrition, we offer feeds that ensure your swine reach their full potential.

Local Ag Teachers, County Extension Agents to Breeder have educated our team on the swine needs our customers have requested or need for continuous success.

Lamb and Goat

For small ruminants like lambs and goats, our specialized feeds address their specific dietary needs. Whether you’re raising them for meat or fiber, our feeds promote healthy development and vitality.

Pet Feed


Your canine companions deserve the best. Our dog food options are crafted to provide the perfect blend of taste and nutrition, catering to dogs of all ages, sizes, and activity levels. We keep dog treats available for all our special visitors!


Our cat food selection offers a range of options that cater to feline palates while providing essential nutrients for their well-being. From kittens to seniors, we have something to suit every stage of your cat’s life.

Vet Supplies and Vaccines

Caring for your animals goes beyond feeding them; it also involves safeguarding their health. Our Vet Supplies section offers a variety of essential products to help you care for your animals:


Protect your animals from preventable diseases with our range of vaccines. Ensuring they receive the necessary immunizations is a fundamental aspect of responsible animal ownership.

Health Supplements

Enhance the well-being of your animals with our selection of health supplements. From joint support to coat health, these supplements can play a pivotal role in maintaining their vitality. At Cold Copper Commodities Co, we take pride in being your partner in ensuring the well-being of your animals. Our Feed Page is a testament to our dedication to providing the highest quality nutrition and care. Browse our diverse offerings, and rest assured that you’re making a choice that prioritizes the health and happiness of your beloved animals.
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